Case Study 1


“It has to look amazing, but cost less than £10.00 per book”

Late last year, we took a call from a potential new client regarding a book publication that they were looking at trying to get printed. They had contacts in London and Birmingham, but so far they had drawn a blank. Self published books are one of our many areas of expertise and so we arranged a meeting for the following day to sit down and discuss what was required over a coffee. 2 hours later we knew each other’s life stories and perhaps more importantly had worked out a solution.

The brief was simple: supply 100 books at less than £10.00 per book. The objective was clearly for the client to receive a printed book with high-end print quality, without the restrictions of having to order thousands at a time. The book itself features some wonderful artwork and imagery and as with a lot of projects of this ilk, had been a labour of love for the writers and their team. They had taken great care in getting the artwork produced to a high standard and they needed a printer who shared the same enthusiasm, care and attention to detail.

Within 2 weeks of that initial meeting, our client had received 100 beautifully printed PUR bound books. We had taken the time to recommend suitable paper stocks and finishes to ensure we achieved the quality product they were looking for. And they were over the moon with the result. Since then, and further to a fantastic response, we are now printing the books on a monthly basis for our client.

Mike Gates
Kingate Press Printers