Meet the principal team members

Our experienced, dedicated directors and staff fully understand the importance of working together to meet deadlines, of keeping you informed and of working as a team to keep our customers happy and satisfied with their printing. To these priorities we add specialist knowledge, innovative flair and a large helping of consideration for your business.

Mike Gates


Mike Gates, heads the sales team and has worked for over 25 years in the printing industry. He is technically proficient and, having served an apprenticeship (and more) on the factory floor, his expertise is much appreciated and respected by many clients.Mike’s first love is his passion for music, being a regular performer on the local stage as a singer-songwriter. He also promotes selected musicians in his spare time. He is married to his co-director, Helena (who accepts joint position of ‘first love’ with his musical interests).


Helena Gates


 Helena Gates, co-director, utilises her service/management background to ensure that customer satisfaction is of paramount concern at all times. Her special interest is on the literary side and as editor of books and magazines.  She has a passion for theatre and live performance particularly enjoying supporting companies, individuals and  bands in producing cds and dvds.  Helena also manages all of the accounting and financial activities of the company. She has 3 grown up children and is an active leader within the Girl Guiding Movement.




Steve Gates, Mike’s brother, heads the pre-press department.  His main roles lie in the area of design, proofing, and digital production.  Steve also lives a busy life outside of work, looking after his wife and four children, organising events for his Church community and still managing to enjoy musical performances with his own band.  (There must be something in the water).



Fiona Wheeler, our friendly and conscientious chief administrator, will help you with deliveries,  scheduling/proofing queries and placing orders.  She makes brilliant coffee and in her personal life is a devoted grandma and an amazing baker of cakes which (yum yum) she brings in to work for us to try.  Mary Berry eat your heart out!




Jason King is the litho print production supervisor and has been part of the team for over 20 years. Trained by his father, John, who was a founder of the company, Jason is a relaxed but efficient manager and a highly experienced machine operator.  His main hobby (apart from drinking with the lads) is bottle digging.  There is little that can be found on a Victorian waste tip that he could not tell you the exact history of.

Les Blackwell


Les Blackwell is in charge of the finishing department and is always buzzing around making sure that everything goes out on time.  An active member of ‘The Buffaloes’ charity and a lover of holidays to exotic places, he generally sports an enviable tan whatever the time of the year.
Our full team has over 250 years of combined experience in all aspects of design, printing and finishing
so you get the assurance that our expertise is working to give you the best possible results