Stock Holding

The facilitystock

We are able to accommodate reasonable levels of stockholding for a maximum of 6 months. Generally we ask that all stock be paid for in advance and delivery charges are passed on as items are called off.  Call off may be by various e-methods or telephone and systems can be individually tailored to a customer’s requirements.

For local companies, we are willing to offer stock check facilities, whereby we undertake a stock check at pre-agreed intervals and automatically ‘top-up’ depleted items.

Importantly, we maintain a full customer purchasing history so we can help you manage your annual spend and ensure that we devise the best possible production methods to maximise your return on investment.

We would be happy to discuss stockholding options further with any interested client.

The Alternatives

We have a number of strategies that may help in reducing the need to hold stock whatever the size of your company.

    • Digital printing technology which allows cost effective production of smaller quantities and thus assists cash flow.
    • For items where consumption varies monthly but the stationery is prerequisite to efficiency, we can print and store emergency back up supplies in much smaller quantities than traditionally used for stock holding.
  • Companies fully utilising a brand image can benefit from partially pre-printed sheet stock which is overprinted with branch or other information as required, so reducing lead time from order to despatch.
Please talk to us before committing yourself elsewhere to a costly contract rate based on minimum annual requirements. The commercial world changes quickly and such options may not turn out to be in your best interests in the long term.