Service Tags

Service tags are a vitally important element of a product’s labelling and are an investment in your brand. However, labels and tags are very common, so it’s important to use a service tag that helps you to stand out as a high quality brand.

What is a service tag?

A service tag can have a number of different uses, depending on the product you are selling. Our clients use service tags on their products for functions including guarantees, branding, promotions and product labels.

Service labels and tags can also fulfil a more practical function, with companies using them for monitoring sales and production, solving production and quality control issues, and pre-addressed labels to improve customer responses to company requests.

What are the different types of service tag?

Service tags can be ordered in a range of sizes, colours and materials, to fit with any organisation’s branding or corporate colours. Any size up to SRA3 can be produced and the labels can be provided in sheets, rolls or bundles as per your requirements. They may also be pre-cut to shape, numbered or perforated. You can add brass eyelets and wire or string if you wish.

The tags can be made from paper, card, vinyl or plastic and you can select weatherproof versions. Choose any combination of colours, including fluorescent or clear, and opt for a gloss or matt finish.

One of the benefits of using service tags on all of your products is that you can make your products stand out and make it clear that a product is one of yours – this will help customers to recognise your brand on the shelf and ultimately increase customer loyalty.

Where are service tags used?

Service tags are used for a wide range of functions including product ID labels, logo labels, production tags, stock code labels, bar code labels, QA labels, health & safety labels, product tags, delivery labels, stock tickets, window stickers, car stickers, parking labels, clothing tags, door hangers and entrance tickets.

Who uses service tags?

Organisations in almost every industry will benefit from using service tags. They’re used in the motor trade, hospitality and entertainment, manufacturing, transport, travel and retail, to name but a few industries.


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