Targeted Personalised Printing

Personalise your printing by:-

  • Name & Address
  • Postcode
  • Gender
  • Past Purchases
  • Habits & preferences
  • Phone Code
  • Constituency/region
  • Product
  • Service
  • Income
  • Turnover
  • No. of employees
  • Trade versus Retail

Choose your criteria. Supply your Databasein Excel format…

And we will do the rest.

From 10 to 10000 we can manufacture targeted segmented & personalis mailshots from your database

Target your market… Outwit your competitors…
And Take the Lead…

Using Kingate for One to One Marketing You Can win greater Marketing Response Rates without Stress


  • Gain an above average marketing response rate.
  • Avoid spam filters and litter bins.
  • Getting a mail shot read is almost half way to a completed sale.
  • We manufacture small quantities that conventional mailing houses won’t consider.
  • Don’t waste time & money stuffing envelopes & sticking on labels. Kingate can help Your Company achieve a better return on its print investment.

Think how much your sales would benefit from personalised or targeted marketing literature using up to the minute information, directly from your database