Luggage Tags and Luggage Labels for travel companies

Travel Tags and Baggage Tags





Travelling can be a great deal of fun for many different reasons. Not only can travelling be perfect for relieving stress, but it can enable you to spend quality time with friends and loved ones as well. When travelling by air, sea or coach, you might want to utilize luggage tag labels, as they have many benefits.

Luggage tag label types

There isn’t just one type of luggage tag labels. In fact, if you’re looking for a particular type, you are likely to find exactly what you’re looking for. There are vintage choices, retro tags, and even elegant clothing label tags. You can search the internet for the specific tag that you’re looking for, and you’re likely to find it.

The material that you choose for your luggage tag label is important, too, as some are sturdier than others. While plastic tags have a tendency to be less expensive, they are not as durable as leather choices. Plastic tags can more easily tear and be accidentally removed from your luggage. Leather options are not only more expensive, but they’re a great deal more durable.

When choosing tag labels for your luggage, be sure to choose tags that fit your budget, but that are durable. If you’re searching for tags that are more durable than plastic, but not quite as expensive as leather, then there are alternatives. Vinyl and PVC are some durable but less expensive options.

Another popular type of baggage tag label is made from a metal ball-chain material. This type is comparable in price to plastic, and although many travellers opt for this type, it isn’t very dependable, as it has been known to break. That is why it is important to take all of the material into consideration when choosing tags for your luggage.

What are the benefits of tag label for your clients?

First and foremost it has to be brand loyalty.  You want customers to come back to you again and again, to recommend you and for your Company to be easily distinguishable from its competitors.

The benefits are limitless when it comes to using tags to identify your luggage when travelling.  For the passenger, the main benefit of labelling your luggage when flying is that customized, colourful and uniquely-designed tags can help their luggage stand out, making it easy and quick to identify.  . You can never predict if and when your luggage might become lost  but if you have identifying tags on your bags, then it will make it a great deal easier for a baggage handler to find your belongings and return them as soon as possible. This can reduce a great deal of stress, both for the transportation employees, as well as you and your travel companions.


While most suitcases contain an area for travellers to write in their name and contact information, this area is often too small for the average person to see. Without a tag, the delivery of luggage could be delayed.