Numbered Tags

Kingate Press are a family run business that has been in operation for 25 years. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the printing field, we are able to offer you, as a company or individual, the opportunity to choose from a vast collection of personally designed numbered tags

Why order numbered tags from Kingate?

Tags are useful in many ways for your business, any industry and even for personal use as they enable you to keep track and account of items more easily. They can also be used for personal and company identification purposes, making your product stand out from your direct competitors. They are extremely effective tools for date and time stamping, stock control and location purposes. Kingate are able to offer a bespoke service from the initial concept and design stages right through to delivery of the completed product which best suits your desired requirements, and promote your unique corporate image.

To assist you in displaying your products to their highest potential, or easing the accounting of items and minimising your administration, or identifying specific stock or particular locations within your working environment, we have a vast choice of designs and finishes for you to implement for your intended use.

Environmentally friendly, we offer a selection of clear, gloss, matt and fluorescent options incorporating paper, card, vinyl or plastic. Depending on what your particular use of tag is for, we can offer a choice of tags bundled according to your needs that we string or wire to all required lengths. Numbered and/or perforated options are also available that are very user friendly. Brass eyeletting and washering are also popular options too, as this adds to the durability of the tag. Added to this array of choice, are weather and rip proof examples for your selection.

Why NCR printing for numbered tags?

NCR (No Carbon Required) is a revolutionary printing facility that makes duplication of documentation and paperwork cost and time effective for the user. It replaces the old carbon paper system, which often proved to be time consuming, messy and frustrating!

NCR eliminates carbon paper between document sheets to create multiple copies of the same form. Chemically treated paper transfers the impression from the first page to subsequent pages using little pressure. NCR offers the option of being able to duplicate, for example, an invoice up to six times in one go, as opposed to printing the same invoice 6 separate times.  We can offer the option of bound together sheets, using special glue, or perforated items, both of which can be easily removed and in the case of perforated items these also provide an excellent option for continuous printout requirements.

NCR number tags enable the user to keep the same item information in three separate departments within your operation. Individual numbered tags with NCR can be used for a number of practices in retail, manufacturing, warehouse or simply personal use.

You have the luxury of flexibility when using Kingate services for your printing needs. We are able to provide a variety of cost options to you, which include alternative quantities or materials, always working with your personal budget in mind, and with no hidden costs. So why give our sales team a call on 0121 333 6533 to place your order today or to find out more about what numbered tags would suit your needs.