NCR Tags

Carbon sheets have been used in the printing industry for many years. That sheet of carbon paper that slips out and you have to remember to put it in-between the sheets before you start writing was once the easiest way to duplicate whatever you are doing without writing or typing it out twice. Whether it’s invoices, receipts or price tags, making a copy of anything that you as a business or individual may need is now not limited to using these flimsy, and sometimes messy, bits of paper. 

Life after the carbon sheet

The industry has come a long way since the first carbon sheets were first invented and the needs of the customer were not being met by having to continually find the carbon sheet, insert it and make sure it was in the right place before writing or typing. Whilst businesses have never lost the need to have copies of tags and invoices, the carbon sheet was never really going to be a long term solution so an answer was only ever one invention away – hence the development of NCR paper. NCR Paper is treated with a special coating, which reacts to pens or printers and duplicates the information on them. It is possible to have this information duplicated up to 6 times depending on the needs of your business, which can be really helpful when it comes to invoices, price tags or account related stationary. Sheets are bound together using special glue allowing you to remove the sheets from the pad you need whilst still keeping them linked while you write or print on them. Or you can have one long continuous sheet, perforated where needed and bound by the perforated edging – this is especially useful if you are printing straight onto the sheets. There is an answer for every business need.

Who needs NCR Printing?

From invoices, credit notes, receipts, price tags, delivery notes and more, many areas of many different types of business could and would benefit from no carbon printing. Removing the carbon sheets makes printing cost effective and quicker as it is simpler to print 6 invoices in one, than to print one invoice six times.

Kingate can help with NCR Tags, Invoices

Kingate Press Printers are leading providers in NCR. We offer a range of print sizes from small receipt books to large invoices and can cater for you and your business at an extremely competitive rate. We purchase quality 80g NCR from reputable suppliers at a highly attractive price, and we aim to pass the savings on to our customers, allowing them to purchase quality NCR that is clear and durable, at a great price. We also know that no two businesses have the same requirements and we work hard to ensure we fully understand what you need on board before we will advise on binding and finishing options to suit your unique circumstances. Our ability to offer bespoke packages for businesses allows you to get a great deal on your stationary, and not just for NCR products. With no hidden costs, Kingate today on 0121 333 6533 for the ideal solution to your printing needs – NCR or not.