Custom Labels and Tags


Labels & Tags

  • Sheet Labels/Stickers
  • Product ID Labels
  • Logo Labels
  • Production Tags
  • Stock code labels
  • Bar Code labels
  • QA Labels
  • Health & Safety Labels
  • Product Tags
  • Sample Labels
  • Plain/logo labels
  • Address Labels
  • Delivery Labels
  • Warning labels
  • Stock tickets
  • Window stickers
  • Case Cards
  • Car stickers
  • Visitor Labels
  • Parking Labels
  • Clothing tags
  • Door Hangers
  • Entrance tickets
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Luggage labels
  • Clock/shift cards
  • T Cards
  • Check in tickets
  • Service Tags

Labels/Tags may be:
Plain, pictorial or textual
Any size up to SRA3

Sheet, roll or in bundles 
Pre-cut  to shape Numbered &/or perforated

Skip numbered 

Card board Washered
Brass eyeletted

Angle Cut/ Round cornered
Permanent /temporary (peelable)

Rip proof or weatherproof 
Paper; Card; Vinyl; Plastic

Environmentally  friendly
Any colour combination
Flourescent;Clear, Gloss;Matt

A good label or tag should pay for itself with the returns it brings

When it comes to labels, we are the experts. Stick with us!

Undoubtedly, labels and tags are ubiquitous and this is due to a wide variety of reasons, ranging from purely informational all the way to style and proper usage. They are quite effective for conveying important information regarding the size, the quality of the product and its main characteristics. Improved production and monitored procedures are based on the usage of the labels, but the list can be quite long!

Pros of labels’ usage

  •   Tags can be utilized for guarantees
  •   They allow the company to monitor its sales and production bases
  •  Production managers ought to use labels in order to fully solve production, quality control and compliance problems
  •  Their purpose should be clear by using both text and colour. Do not forget also the different meanings of each colour. For instance, red means prohibition while white and light yellow are more neutral.
  • Sales managers should use labels and tags to promote brand loyalty, exclusivity and value -added
  • Tags or labels, in a bright colour, are one of the simplest ways of assisting with a comprehensive and accurate stock and work in progress check.
  •  Always demand the right label for the right job
  • Pre-addressed labels improve customers’ response to returns requests as they appear official yet still personal
  • They are promotionally powerful
  • Despatch & product labels work to further increase Customer loyalty.

Attention please!

 To make things matter, you should be very careful with distinguishing your goods from those of your competitors. Labels give to the customer the chance to identify the product and recall the brand when they see it. Therefore, you should focus on the increase of customer’s loyalty via your labels and tags . Try to make each  unique depending on the product’s singularity.

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‘We produce Product Labels – For direct application whether you Manufacture, Wholesale or Retail; For Bottles, Cartons, Boxes and all other Packaging’.

  • Don’t let a good product sit on the factory shelf because its labelling is inferior.
  • Product labels must be eye-catching, memorable and clearly suitable for the market and point of sale chosen.
  • A cheap looking label suggests a cheap and tacky product.  An expensive looking label need not be much more costly to produce but places the same product in an entirely different category of quality and price worthiness.

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Labels and tags are one of the most widely seen items of stationery and a perfect opportunity to promote your corporate image.

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