Folders, Envelopes and Wallets


  • Conference Folders
  • Presentation Folders
  • Sectional Dividers
  • Colour Code Sets
  • Tab Divider Sets
  • CD Supported Manuals
  • Lever Arch Files
  • Clip Binders
  • Product Folders
  • Ring Binders
  • Vinyl Binders
  • Leather Binders,
  • Comb Bound Folders
  • PVC folders
  • Solicitors Corner Cards



All folders available with

  • Gussets and spines of varying sizes Pockets and/or flaps
  • Die cut shaped areas
  • Business Card etc. Slots
  • Printed or plain cover in wide assortment of  coloured, clear or frosted substrates


  • All Sizes, Shapes, Colours
  • Printed or Plain
  • Printed on Front, Reverse, Flap
  • Window and Non Window
  • Gummed, Peel & Seal, Self Seal, Diamond Flap
  • Bond, Laid, Recycled
  • Match your Corporate Stationery
  • Board Backed Wallets for delicate goods
  • Wallet or Window
  • Wage Slips
  • Custom Designed Wallets


  • Conference
  • Presentation
  • For samples
  • Job Histories
  • Production records
  • Accuracy & compliance


  • Take presentational superiority above your competitors.
  • Impress with your clean, crisp delivery of information.
  • Combine Function with Style.
  • Create a lasting physical impression of your product or service.
  • Give potential customers a point of reference and contact that continues working for you long after you have left their premises.
  • Don’t lose that vital information – keep it together, neatly filed.

Kingate will give you the edge, using innovative design
and product experience to create bespoke folder solutions – all according to your budget.


  • Matching your existing stationery with printed envelopes adds to your consistent and professional corporate image.
  • Pre-printed envelopes promote professionalism.
  • Use printed reply or pre-paid envelopes to increase response rates to posted literature.
  • Employ them to imply size of Company.
  • Make envelopes pay for themselves as a source of advertisement- add sales tags and unique selling points.
  • Incorporate them in your marketing strategy.

Don’t worry about Royal Mail design specifications. Kingate is familiar with them and can assist in the layoutof pre-paid envelopes and packaging etc. We will also source custom designed envelopes to suit a specific need.


  • Printed job bags detailing production history for compliance
  • Deal bags – ideal for car sales
  • Sample wallets