Centralised and Branch Ordering

Whilst some customers choose to place orders centrally, so keeping control of their purchasing, others prefer their branches to retain more independence. Kingate is happy to accommodate both methods of production.

centralisedWe are also experienced in providing the ‘best of both worlds’ – administering separate branch purchasing of Head Office approved items whilst retaining the purchase benefits of group buying.
Our National Customers enjoy prices based on historical usage, linked with a simple, centrally agreed, Branch Ordering Procedure and underlined by the regular provision of purchasing statistics.

Once again, our services are personal to each customer but always keeping in mind the need for:-

Hassle free, fast & easy ordering
Simple pre-agreed ordering, acknowledgement, delivery and invoicing systems (usually online), with minimal operator input required and clear pricing schedule of available items.
Competitive Group Pricing Structure   
Reviewed annually so that you know what your commitment is for the next 12 months, even if paper etc. prices go up in the meantime.
Rapid Response Times
Order acknowledgement by return of e-mail;  New and miscellaneous Quotes in 24 hours so you can swiftly make an informed decision as to whether you want to proceed with a job. If you need a quicker response, just let us know and we will try to honour it. Verbal quotations will be followed by confirmation in writing, usually by e-mail.
We will not discuss your business with anyone else so your competitors will not get an advantage.
Integrity and Trust
You have peace of mind that we are getting on with your printing job so that you, in turn, can focus on what you are good at.
Impartial, Free advice & Support
We are happy to share our experience and discuss technical issues with you.  If an item of printing is failing, in any way, to do the job it was intended for, let us work with you to make it earn its keep.
Kingate aims to be as accommodating of your needs as possible and each customer is treated as an individual, with our operating systems attuned to best fit your requirements.
Accurate Record Keeping
We maintain an accurate history of past orders (with sample copies) so you can easily make a repeat order with us. Our detailed customer purchasing history saves you administrative time and enables us to help you manage your annual spend, ensuring that we devise the best possible production methods to maximise your return on investment.
We care about your job as much as you do and undertake quality control checks at all stages of the proofing and production process.
Express Delivery
We usually deliver the finished job five working days after proof approval so you get delivery of your literature quickly.  There’s no waiting for batches. However, where an earlier delivery date is critical, we will do our very best to achieve this. We are not in the habit of taking on work that is time sensitive if we are not confident that, barring the unforeseen, we can complete fully in the given time-scale.
Problem solving
It is our policy to correct mistakes, whatever the cause, quickly and effectively.  So, if ever a problem arises we will tell you as soon as possible and offer you a choice of solutions.
Upholding Terms of Engagement
If we don’t keep our promises, you don’t have to keep using us.  We have no need to tie customers in to complicated contracts because we do what we say and our very loyal customer base, appreciates how much this is worth to their business.