How to Order

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How to Order

Ordering from us is really easy involving only 5 steps :

 Step 1 Download and complete either the duplication (small quantities) or replication (larger quantities) order forms below (in word so that you can complete them on your pc)

                         CD & DVD DUPLICATION order form (small quantities)



Step 2 Download and complete our copyright form.  If you are unsure about your copyright status check out our copyright and licensing page.

                           Intellectual copyright form for all DVDs and CDs

Step 3 Follow our print guide to ensure that your artwork is correct, if you are having paper parts (e.g. printed booklets) then ask us for our specification sheets.

                                   Kingate Skycom Duplication Disk Printing Guide

Kingate Skycom Replication Disk Printing Guide

CD Rear tray insert sizing

2pp folding booklet sizing

Step 4 Send your completed order and copyright forms along with your  master discs & artwork to us by post or e mail and upload them.

4a  By upload:  Large Audio and artwork files are best uploaded via our artwork system or via services such as ‘we transfer’.  Click here to go to our upload page.

4b By E Mail: Instructions with order forms and copyright forms should be sent to or    We will acknowledge receipt of your items and will check them for errors/unwonted corruption prior to proceeding with production. We suggest upload of large files is best achieved by Step 3 Method A due to limitations on e mail transfer sizes.

4c Postal submissions:  Please send two master discs along with your order and copyright form.  These should be sent to Skycom,  Unit 8 Mainstream Way, Mainstream 47 Industrial Estate, Nechells Birmingham B 4SN.  We request two copies in case one has a invisible scratch –  we don’t want there to be a delay in you getting your product!.  Remember to make a copy of your master disc for you to keep yourself.  It is advisable to send your master disc by ‘signed for’ delivery.

Step 5
Pay for your order via credit/debit card, please note that all orders must be paid for in advance. Credit facilities are available for regular repeat customers subject to our terms & conditions and the satisfactory completion of an account application form (available on request).

visa card

                                          Skycom Terms & Conditions of Trade

Current account details

Having difficulty?  Give us a ring on 0121 333 6533
and we will guide you through the process.