Copyright and Licensing

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At SkyCom we understand how important it is to protect yours and other people’s work.  We always try  to ensure our customers are legally covered regarding copyright issues for all duplication of audio work that we undertake.

For any work that contains music or material that is not your own then you need to register with the PRS/MCPS to get a licence to use it (e.g. a music CD).  Usually this licensing can be completed online.

For short runs of music, the licence which is often suitable is the limited manufacturing licence but there are strict qualification criteria.  For longer music runs the licence is usually the AP2.

For audio-visual products, the licences required are AVP for general interest DVDs, and DVD1 for music DVDs.    But you may need to licence the music element additionally and separately.

It can be confusing and it is not always easy for us to guide you because we are not familiar with your material but we will try.   That said, the MCPS website is very helpful as are their telephone advisers.  For more information about the general MCPS licensing requirements click here.

Skycom’s own Intellectual Copyright Form

In order for us to legally process your order for we request completion and return of our copyright declaration form. By law we are not allowed to produce copies of anything without the permission of the person who has created it as they have intellectual rights to that material.  For creators of original matter, our form is simply there as a way of you giving us permission to reproduce it to the quantity and specification given on the order form.  For those who are not using original material, we also have to ask you to specify which parts of your product are not original and to ensure that you have the correct permissions to use and re-produce the material from the originator eg by MCPS licence, play licence or grand rights.  This may be a copy of your clearance/licence documents from the PRS / MCPS and/or confirmation that you have applied to the PRS / MCPS to register the work.

Register for your own Royalties and Copyright

We also recommend that original artists protect their own original work by registering it with the PRS / MCPS.  The process is simple, quick and straightforward. It allows you to receive royalties if other people use/play your compositions.

The difference between MCPS and PPL

downloadprsMCPS and PPL operate a joint website and work closely together.  Essentially they both deal with copyright.  MCPS deals with the copyright in musical work and PPL deals with copyright in sound recordings.