What Makes an Effective Business Card?

An Effective Business Card

It should:-

•              Immediately impress by being well designed, crisp, clean & clear.

•              Have a cohesive corporate identity, clearly representing your business.  The colouring, branding and logos should match all of your other stationery, whether letterheads, envelopes, labels, price tags, brochures, estimates or invoices or any other printed items associated with your business.(links)

Be distinctive and set you apart from your competitors.

Reflect your company’s high standards & professional consistency.

Give clear details for contacting you personally.  People like to buy from people, not businesses

·                     Be informative but not cluttered

·                     Perform its functions efficiently by making the most important information easiest to extract.

·                     Fit in the potential customer’s wallet

·                     Have durability where appropriate

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