Artwork Design and Proof Reading

By Kingate

  • Our principal designer, who is head of the pre-press designer, has over 20 years experience in the industry.
  • Keep it all under one roof.  Stay in Control.
  • Enjoy the confidence of knowing that our artist fully appreciates the technical print implications of what he is creating.
  • Take assurance from the fact that our stylist is au fait with your budget and conscious of the print cost implications of any design which he formulates for you.
  • Get a firm cost quote before you start – not just an ‘hourly rate for an unspecified length of time’.
  • Benefit from our free paper sample service so you can get the look and feel of your job before committing to it.
  • Full Mock ups of finished product available (small charge may apply).
  • No need to use us for the print element as well if you don’t want to.
  • Do away with potential to-ing and fro-ing between you, the designer and the print company and eliminate any possibility for miscommunication.
  • Don’t get fleeced for Minor Amendments to existing artwork.  We will make them free of charge.  We do, however, reserve the right to charge for any new plates to be made
  • Only pay nominal charges for transferral of artwork to disk for continuity across signage, websites etc.
  • Take away the uncertainty and hassle – Remember that Kingate has good links with other experts like designers, marketing agencies, translators and photographers so we can manage the job from start to finish if you prefer.

Artwork Supplied

We accept supplied artwork in any format so you are free to design your own and give it to us to use.
There’s no need to pay for expensive designers if you don’t want to.

If you are providing print ready artwork, we prefer to receive it by e mail or on disk in a Mac compatible format such as Quark Express or Illustrator. EPS, PDF, Tiff and J Peg files are also acceptable as are Word and Publisher. Other programmes can be accommodated but quotations are subject to sight of disk prior to the commencement of orders.
To ensure high quality reproduction of any pictorial content we ask that pictures and photographs are supplied with a minimum of 150 dpi (dots per inch).

Ownership of artwork

Artwork supplied by you is your artwork.  We will store it for you for free, but it’s yours to take when and where you want it.
If Kingate creates a design, pattern, etc. on your behalf, we retain ownership and copyright, as is common in the print and design business.  Uncommonly, when copies are requested, we make only a nominal charge, usually a small one-off fee to transfer to disk.
If you are using an agency to produce your artwork, please clarify ownership/copying rights and charges with them before committing to a contractual relationship. In our experience, later requests for amendable copies or physical amendments to the artwork by third parties can sometimes be at a very unwelcome coproofst.

Proofs and Mock Ups

There is nothing worse than a carefully thought out piece of marketing literature being sent out with obvious spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Let us act as a second pair of eyes, maintaining your Company Image and Reputation with:-proof

  • Attention to detail.
  • Grammar and spelling checks.
  • Editing services – from Flyers to Full Publications and Books.
  • Most proofs by pdf E Mail within 48 hours.
  • Proof corrections and minor amendments free of charge.
  • No additional charges without prior notification.
  • Digital Colour Proofs on chosen paper, provided at no additional cost.

(Litho machine pantone specific proofs at extra charge).

  • Design alternatives offered and fully discussed.
  • Up to date knowledge of the latest trends in print and marketing so we can advise you how to keep your company image up to date using the latest colours and styles to achieve the best possible return on your print investment.
  •  CTP (Computer to plate) technology which speeds up the whole process and sharpens image quality so there’s no loss of quality during the print process.  The quality you give us is the quality you get back.

Standard Proofs

Although colour proofs are standard, these should be taken as concept colour guides rather than accurate representations of the final printed item.  Proofs are produced from a high quality computer printer, not from the printing press itself, unless specifically discussed.
We will not proceed to print without you having forwarded a signed proof approval form to us.  This is in your interest as well as ours.  We proof all print jobs because, even where artwork is supplied on a disk, there is room for error – and we want to eliminate it for both our sakes!   Perhaps, for example, the disk has been produced by a third party and requires checking.
If we make an error, we will naturally put it right at our own expense.  However, if you pass a proof containing an error, we consider the responsibility to be your own. Please check your proofs carefully as mistakes and omissions can be expensive.  Our terms and conditions section gives further clarification on this issue.

Lithographic Machine Proofs

There are times when a machine pantone specific proof is the best option.  For example, in reproducing an oil painting as a poster or calendar, the minutiae of colour, light and texture detail is vital.  Machine proofs can be created but we make an additional charge because the printing machine has to be prepared according to the item and washed up before being ready for the next task.

Photography and Ancillary Services

We work closely with a small number of trusted designers, photographers, web providers, translators and mailing houses whose services can be made available as part of a project. This saves you from having to search for and then rely on an unknown source for your printing requirements.